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Get Revenue Share Outside of Your Market Through Asia Live Tech’s iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool

Get Revenue Share Outside Your Market
Are you a casino or gambling website operator? Wouldn’t you like to get more bounce for your buck? If so, then looking at Asia Live Tech’s Revenue Sharing Pool Program could sort you out rather nicely this month. Asia Live Tech has developed a piece of software which entitles all gambling operators running on its platform to take a little slice of the top, with an extra of almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s revenue as part of their Revenue Sharing Pool Program. Let’s look at how operators can earn extra when using Asia Live Tech’s Revenue Sharing Pool Program.

Get Revenue Share Outside Your Market
Get Revenue Share Outside Your Market

Revenue Share for Operators

You are probably wondering how this all works? Actually, it is really rather simple. On top of your revenue from running your own online casino, almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s revenue will be shared based on the Overall Operators Total Gross Win. Eventually, the Total ALT Revenue Share Pool is redistributed amongst all operators taking part in the Revenue Sharing Pool Program, allowing operators to potentially pocket revenues from markets they aren’t directly involved in.

Give Us an Example

Okay, so your online casino takes in revenue. You should not be worried about your own revenue as it not affected. It is Asia Live Tech that will add 2% from each operator’s Gross Win (Example: White Label Operator A – 2% will be shared by Asia Live Tech, White Label Operator B – 2% of Gross Win will be shared by Asia Live Tech, etc.) on top of the basic earning you get from running your Online Casino. The combined 2% of all operator’s Total Gross Win will be part of the revenue pool shared by Asia Live Tech (which is almost 30% of ALT’s revenue), which will eventually be divided by all operators depending on their actual Total Betting Amount and their Percentage Share From The Pool.

In this manner, you can expand and increase your market share and earn your extra revenue even it is not your target market.

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If this all sounds too good to be true, why not contact Asia Live Tech and check out our iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool Program for yourself. Our company also develops a few White Label Casino software packages (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enabled) and can provide virtually everything you will need to power your own casino or iGaming website. They are also the proud creators of the iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool Program, so if you’re looking for a way to generate more revenue for your fledgling iGaming site, Asia Live Tech could very well be the way to go.

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