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AG Brief – The Official Media Partner of Asia Live Tech

Asia Live Tech in line with our global expansion as well as our vision to be a fair and just iGaming platform and software provider have selected AG Brief as our Official Media Partner.

This partnership that has been formed between the media juggernaut, AG Brief which is primed for the independent and unbiased news publications and Asia Live Tech whom has prided itself as a fair for all iGaming platform & software provider as well as being the first Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies iGaming platform provider in Asia is for sure to create long standing impression within the industry.

At Asia Live Tech, we look forward to working with AG Brief on multiple levels but at the same time pride ourselves as they still have their say in being independent on their reviews on our efforts and services. This is in line with our company principles of being honest as we want the global gaming world to know about Asia Live Tech right from the horse’s mouth without any biasness maintaining its authenticity.

We look forward to this partnership and independent news publications from AG Brief in line with the growth of Asia Live Tech.