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Asia Live Tech Launches New Slot Games – January 2018

ALT Slot Games 2018 – Asia Live Tech has launched ALT new slot games in January 2018.

Experience our powerful new slot games across all platforms that are offering ALT games. In this launch, we have 3 new slot games which are Ninja, Witch Hunter, and Cock Fighting.

Ninja – Landscaped to emanate the mysterious world of the Ninja that became a culminating force in the shaping of empires in the past.

Witch Hunter – Spin those slots and capture those witches. You are tasked to saving the world from witches and the fate of the world is in your hands as Witch Hunter.

Cock Fighting – This game is depicting an activity which is common in Asia. Asia Live Tech’s objective behind the launch of this game is to create a new field for the enthusiasts of this activity to keep it online digitally whereby no animals will be hurt. Asia Live Tech would like to take a stance against animal cruelty and promote peace for all.

Asia Live Tech’s Policy on Animal Cruelty – we do not undertake, support or sponsor activities that harm animals

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