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Asia Live Tech Launches Its 9 New Slot Games

The core of online casinos is made of slot games. Is there any game that pops up in your mind when casinos are mentioned? Card games are always popular but it’s truly slot games that define the industry. Asia Live Tech an iGaming Software Provider based in Cambodia never forgets that, creating and implementing new slot games constantly within its catalog. Which brings us to today’s announcement. Asia Live Tech is delighted to say that 9 new slot games will be launched in the next few weeks, updating every online casino that has a partnership with them.

Those new slot games are part of Asia Live Tech’s policy on ever-growing development for both them and their partners. As they put it: “We are not a company that is delivering then forgetting about our valued customers. We want to create a bond that lasts and to do so, this is only one way: care! Care about our customers and their success for their businesses. They win, we win.”

9 New Slot Games Developed by Asia Live Tech
This policy also influenced those 9 new slot games’ themes. Developing a game is never a simple matter, but themes can be overlooked. Yet, doing so could end up in unpopular games, unlikely to be played, as they are not appealing to customers. Asia Live Tech mentioned that they want those games to be tied to what is hot today, to what players are expecting, tying them to pop culture, exotic destinations or popular myths and adventures.

Here they come, in alphabetic order:

Bali: The defining example for exotic destinations. This Indonesian island popular for its beaches and temples was chosen as the perfect place for a colorful slot game.

Chinese Emperor: Keeping up with Asia, Chinese Emperor moves the player to China this time. China is an endless source of themes, thanks to his millennia-long culture, something that Asia Live Tech treasures.

Halloween Night: A slot game that is bound to rise in popularity every year at this time, Halloween Night is ensured to make players hope they will be well treated, not tricked.

Medusa: Not many myths are as well-known as Medusa, which is why slot games based on her looked like an evidence.

Penguin Vacation: If pop culture is to be analyzed on the subject of penguins, it appears those birds are inherently funny and loved, giving good, wholesome fun.

Rock -n- Roll: Playing games is sometimes not enough. A good soundtrack is needed to keep the heart pumping as the gains rise. Rock -n- Roll answers to this need.

Safari Time: Mixing colorful landscapes with renowned animals, Safari Time covers the needs of players wishing to see Africa

Universe: Travelling the Universe is a popular dream. Seeing stars, discovering new planets and perhaps making the first contact with extraterrestrial life. Man cannot do this yet but Universe will give them a taste.

Zombie Party: Zombies are still popular, but it needs a twist to not appear cliché or boring. This is how the Zombie Party’s concept came to be.

Asia Live Tech hopes that these games will be well-received and stay at the service of operators and players wishing to learn more about them. If that’s your case, visit their website to get started at

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