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How big data can allow you to better manage your iGaming business

Big data would be essential in taking your iGaming business to the next level

We have reached the stage of human history when managing businesses is more science-y than ever before.

And if you can’t keep up, then it’s gonna be twice as hard for you to get ahead.

Keep reading on how big data can allow you to better manage your iGaming business.

big data for online casinos

The biggest advantage of analytics in iGaming is that since there’s the added metric of the amount being gambled on at play, it’s even richer in data points and player insights than other forms of non-paid, non-gambling types of games—even if these games also reside online.

Analytics allow you to understand your players deeply.

Here are examples of data that can be extracted from your iGaming website once it starts operating:

Player Profiles and Review

Since your players gotta make their own accounts in order to get started on betting on your gorgeous iGaming website, just by filling up that simple form containing age, gender, location, payment gateways, etc

And then they get playing.

And then even more data gets readily available on their playing activity such as:

  • Their login times and days
  • Days with their biggest bets (usually around salary day, if you know what we mean)
  • Most frequent login time (in the month or year)
  • Longest sessions
  • The games they’ve played
  • How frequent they’ve played these games
  • Their most played games
  • The game’s outcome
  • Win/Loss ratios

With how you use Player Profiling, you can make your marketing even more cost-effective since these data will better help you strategically put out your promos at the best time. This way, you can maximize their likelihood of engaging to your seasonal promos since:

  • Most people have seen it
  • You’ve put it out at the perfect time when they got so much time and money to spare

Gaming Analytics

This has to do with the games you bought from the iGaming software providers and suppliers you’ve chosen:

  • Games most frequently played
  • Games least frequently played
  • Games with the highest bets (not necessarily the most frequently played, sometimes may ironically be the least frequently played, may or may not be the most profitable
  • Games that are most profitable
  • Games that are least profitable
  • Metrics of Table Games vs Slots vs Sportsbetting, etc

Subsets of these data points can be factors such as locations where such games are played, age and gender of the players who play them, etc.

The thing about these data is that you’re not alone. Practically everyone in the industry also uses analytics in order to make their games, products, solutions, services, and practically their whole businesses align more with the interests of the players. After all, our businesses survive because we’ve been delivering what our players want, and they keep paying for them.

You can be rest assured, then, that what your suppliers provide you will be what your players would want to play.

Okay, so now we are seeing how much data we can actually get from our players….But hold your horses—you wouldn’t really want to bombard them with offers every time they log in. Ever heard of Marketing Fatigue? It just means that even if those offers are relevant to them, they’re gonna get tired of it and quit your iGaming website and jump into the other one.

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen to you, so you better be mindful and tread lightly. Okay? Good.

With that said, analytics can only happen when your players actually log in to your iGaming website, play games, keep logging in and betting. So, you better have the best content in your iGaming website so you can continuously motivate them to keep playing. Because your iGaming website is a fun place to be.