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What is a Bitcoin Casino Software?

The core of all Bitcoin Online Casinos is the Bitcoin Casino Software. This name can seem intimidating but it is actually quite simple to grasp. With this article, we decided to explain their ins and outs, so entrepreneurs looking to become operators know where they stand and can act having all the information they need to proceed. Now let’s get started.

Online Casinos have a front end and a back end. The front end is what you’re likely to know already. The website, which you can connect on and log in to access your favorite games, either live or not. The back end is the operator’s access, run by a software, here is the Bitcoin Casino Software, to monitor the good functioning of its website.

Bitcoin Casino Software - Asia Live Tech

A standard online casino management software provides dashboard summaries for all games and players, telling which games are earning the most, data analytics, player monitoring, control on affiliates revenues, unique promotions setup, and so much more. But Bitcoin online casino management software goes the extra mile by processing Bitcoin transfers, adapting the amount needed to play games, as they are quite volatile, or giving access to Bitcoin-only games. Everything is automated, for the comfort of operators who only have to care about their marketing and communication.

All these features are integrated into a single account centralizing all the Bitcoin-able products and solutions you selected. With a single point of entry, Bitcoin Casino Software allows even beginners to manage everything efficiently.

And best of all, it is not limited to Bitcoin. Should you prefer other, more anonymous, or well-used cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Bitcoin Cash, it’s also possible.

Should our Bitcoin Casino Software interest you, we are welcoming you to fill our form on our website or contact us directly by email/live chat. We also provide technical assistance for all existing operators wishing to get the most from their software or change their provider.

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