Bitcoin Live Casino

What is Bitcoin Live Casino?

Bitcoin Live Casino in Asia Live Tech covered at length the advantages of creating and operating a Bitcoin Online Casino. But what about the games? Well, games are not a problem at all. For players to play games, they must change their Bitcoins into chips. Those chips are compatible with all games, slots, arcade games and Live Games.

Bitcoin Live Casino - Asia Live Tech
Bitcoin Live Casino

That’s right! You can play Live Games with your Bitcoins. Let’s get a sight of the most popular ones.

Live Baccarat
We got here quite the classic, where players must reach 9 to win. It is generally available in the Punto Banco version, which is the version everyone knows, but several variations exist to keep it exciting and fresh. Look out for Baccarat Squeeze Card or Baccarat Insurance!

Live Sic Bo
What would a casino be without dice games? Pretty much nothing, we say! Sic Bo is a Chinese game where players have to bet on a combination of three dices. Anything can be betted on. A simple number for safe players, or a triple for those who love the thrills. And odds of 180 to 1.

Live Roulette
Ah, Roulette! The heart and soul of every casino. There is simply nothing more thrilling than the Roulette. Players can bet on one number out of 37, a color, odd or even numbers, or all of the above. Ideal for beginners, excellent for veterans, exhilarating for high rollers… Nobody dislikes the Roulette.

Live Belangkai
An odd game coming from Malaysia, it must be underestimated. It is played with a top with its four facets being engraved with four different symbols. Players bet on a symbol or a combination of them before the top is span on a small plate. This high-speed games never leave anyone indifferent.

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