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Can I Setup My Own Live Casino Games?

Setting up Live Casino Games, what can you do from your end?


As a reader of this article, you could be one of the following:

  • Someone with zero experience in running online casinos, and interested in starting their own online casino under their own brand, with Live Casino Games
  • Someone who owns a land-based casino or a studio with your own gaming tables who wants to go online, with Live Casino Games
  • Someone who owns an online casino but wants to add Live Casino Games (either for the first time or for adding more Live Casino Games)

Setup Live Casino

There’s a unifying factor between the three of you:

You want Live Casino Games.

There are numerous ways to look into this matter.

If you’re starting from scratch (Option 1): It’s a tough, labor-heavy process to buy or rent a space for your studio, get licensing and all the legal matters ironed out, hire gorgeous dealers, and get the whole thing online. Not to mention that it takes up so much time and money way more than other options that are available for you. You may start with Option 2 first to test out the waters of the iGaming industry and see if you want to build an online casino studio and website of your own.

If you’re starting from scratch (Option 2): Talk to a reliable iGaming Software Provider that has the Live Casino Games that you want to have for your own online casino. Reliable Software Providers are those that are transparent with their processes and licensing and legality (take a look into their websites). The actual studios belong to these iGaming Software Providers, but you’ll have your own online casino website that is under your own brand. So you’ll be taking their Live Casino Games and putting them on your own online casino. Just in case you missed reading it: Yes, it’s going to be under your own brand.

If you have your own land-based casino or have a studio with your own gaming tables: Great to know that you’re expanding your business online! Have you reviewed the rules and regulations and all the legal stuff that concerns with setting up your online casino in the area where you want to set it up? Depending on which area of the world you are located, chances are, you can make a studio of your own, by doing either of the ways below:

  • Set up cameras and the internet preparations for your current land-based casino table games. The cameras must be able to view the whole table—the arena of the game, very clearly. Set up more than 1 camera per table if you must.
  • Build a studio within your land-based casino that is solely used for Live Casino Games purposes. This way, there would be no obstructions from players and passersby from your land-based casino. Take note, though, that one of the most common misconceptions with studio-based Live Casino Games is that the videos are pre-recorded and the online casino can be suspected of cheating. But as long as your casino is staying ethical, you’re gonna be fine.
  • Do both because why not?

If you already have your own online casino: Congratulations! You’ve been with us in the iGaming industry for a while. Plans of expansion from your part tell us that your iGaming business is doing well, so now you’re wondering about integrating Live Casino Games.

Is this your first time to put Live Casino Games to your iGaming website? If yes, then you may want to test the waters first before you think of building your own Live Casino Games. Integrate already-existing Live Casino Games that your players want. Evaluate their performances via the back-end and analyze if you want to create Live Casino Games of your own. Proceed with your plans.


How ALT Can Help You

As an iGaming Software Provider, and the first to offer and setup Cryptocurrency-based online casinos here in Asia, our ALT team can help you with:

  • Creating the online casino website under your own brand from scratch
  • Setting up Live Casino Games on your land-based casino tables or studio with your own gaming table
  • Integrating Live Casino Games to your existing online casino
  • And more

All of these in a smooth, low-cost process, in a matter of a few months.

Chat us up here in ALT.