What Are The Benefits Of Playing At Online Casinos

Online Casinos? Is there some benefit when playing at these casino in cyberspace?   This is the period that everybody’s mostly at home whether we like it or not. But the good news is that in line with practically all the good things that are going digital—from reading books to buying stuff from the other… Read more

Top Played Online Casino Games of 2020

Which are the top online casino games that are played in the year 2020 so far? Living in 21st century is an entirely different, modern, advanced, and technological experience. Today, everything has become portable. With the technological advancement, we can access anything at any time. We can study online, we can do business online, and… Read more

What makes players trust your brand?

Operating your iGaming site, what makes players trust your brand? Business is all about seizing new opportunities to enhance your share in the business industry. This applies to everybody. But the thing is, we assume it’s always something bright and sunny and positive. Like new opportunities that are about to come to us. But, you… Read more

How big data can allow you to better manage your iGaming business

Big data would be essential in taking your iGaming business to the next level We have reached the stage of human history when managing businesses is more science-y than ever before. And if you can’t keep up, then it’s gonna be twice as hard for you to get ahead. Keep reading on how big data… Read more

How to play with cryptocurrencies at an online casino

How to play with cryptocurrencies at an online casino Traditionally, if you wanted to play in a Casino, like classy ol’ James Bond, or those filthy rich VIPs who could afford to adopt us but didn’t, you gotta either Have a significant amount of money on hand and drive over to the casino—this means going… Read more

Happy New Year from Asia Live Tech

A new decade is finally dawning upon us and we at Asia Live Tech would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting us since our inception. It has truly been a wonderful beginning for us introducing new solutions and games for the entertainment of our global clientele. Across 2018 and… Read more

How to Start your OWN Online Casino?

Want to know some key steps to starting your own Online Casino? The new decade is almost here and as much as we just wanna celebrate and eat and drink and eat, there’s always this haunting feeling of what we’ve done this past decade, how far we’ve come, and what we need to do in… Read more

Can I integrate multiple game providers on my online casino?

Multiple Game Providers, that is the demand of the players at online casinos these days. However can one online casino support multiple game providers? Is it a very complicated process? Well the answer is pretty simple but lets take a very realistic path in understanding this question.  Have you ever watched a makeup video on… Read more

Flash versus HTML5

Flash or HTML5? What are the Pros and Cons? As visuals and graphics evolve, our eyes get used to what the hottest visuals and images offer. As we get used to such resolutions, we start to demand better and better specs each time. On YouTube, for example, once upon a time, we were happy with… Read more