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How do you Protect your Online Casino from Fraud?

Fraud protection is vital for online casino operators as digital is the new norm of the world

One day, your online casino may be on the Top Online Casinos list.

Before that, you’ll have many satisfied and loyal casino players who feel safest when they’re playing at your online casino.

How to Protect Online Casino From Fraud

But first, you gotta protect your online casino from fraud.

So, how do we do this?

Following a good KYC (Know Your Customer) practice will greatly help. Like all other security steps, it comes with a number of methods.

You may do this with Device Fingerprinting. This helps you get useful information from your prospective players such as device build, installed plugins, device numbers, etc. Simply put, this step will help you track fraudsters who use multiple accounts using a single device.

Similar to device fingerprinting is IP Analysis, another step to track the device user’s location, internet behavior, and potential for suspicious and fraudulent activity—actions that regular, ethical players don’t do.

Email Analysis is another useful method that you can take advantage of. Emails are, for the most part, linked to social media accounts. Tracking fake and poser accounts will be easier with email analysis.

PEP Checking is also a necessary step. PEP means a Politically Exposed Person. They are or are related to people who hold prominent public positions or functions. Because of their occupation and status, they may be vulnerable to financial crimes such as bribery, money laundering, and general abuse of public office for personal gain. Should you have a PEP player, this additional step will help you further protect this potential player or your online casino.

ID Verification is a step that will help your online casino match your player’s identity to the identification details they’ve declared when they signed up to your online casino. This helps further confirm that the person who wants to play in your online casino is a real person who is using their real identification details in your online casino.

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an additional login step to further verify and secure the accounts of your players. Your players may provide their device details or their fingerprints for example in order to assert to your online casino that the people signing up are the actual players themselves.

Monitoring Player Betting Behavior will help your online casino identify the gaming method being used by your players and analyze if it matches that of a suspicious activity that abuses the game.

Here is the transaction journey that your player will take on your online casino, along with the KYC steps we suggest you make in order to successfully protect your online casino from fraud:


  1. Monitor your player sign-ups using device fingerprinting, email, IP, and user behavior analysis, as well as PEP check and ID verification.
  2. Monitor every login in your online casino via two-factor authentication, device fingerprinting, email, IP, and user behavior analysis.
  3. Monitor your player deposits by device fingerprinting, email, IP, and user behavior analysis.
  4. Monitor your players’ playing and betting sessions with device fingerprinting, email, IP, and user behavior analysis.
  5. Monitor your player withdrawals with device fingerprinting, email, IP, and user behavior analysis.


These steps may be tedious and managing all these data points is practically not humanly possible, which is why you will be needing the aid of third-party providers that will enable your online casino to obtain, track and analyze all these data points.

Not taking preventive steps will be bad not only for your online casino but also for your players who may suffer from identity theft or may experience longer load times because of the increased latency brought by actions of the fraudsters on your online casino. This will increase complaints from your ethical players and will put your online casino’s reputation at risk.

Now, go and take the step closer to becoming the owner of the future top online casino by tightly protecting your online casino from fraud.