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How to Start your Bitcoin Online Casino?

How to Start your Bitcoin Online Casino?

In our previous article, we explained why Bitcoins were the best thing to happen to iGaming since streaming became possible. Expanding tenfold the freedom of gambling players and operators, Bitcoins opened iGaming to the world. No matter where you or your favorite online casino are, you can connect, deposit, play and withdraw as you wish. But while Bitcoins usefulness cannot be denied, how can entrepreneurs profit from them? How to start your Bitcoin Online Casino? We’ll answer that question here.

How to start Bitcoin Online Casino - Asia Live Tech

Bitcoins Online Casinos are nothing different than regular online casinos

And by that, we mean that you can get it created like any other online casino: with a White Label Solution. Contact the provider of your choice, get them to create the website you envision, select the games, and of course, don’t forget to tell them to implement a Bitcoin payment solution. And don’t worry about technicalities! iGaming has no limit when it comes to currencies. If a game works with dollars, euros or yens, it will work with Bitcoins, that’s what chips are for.

Get an international mindset

The iGaming operator wishing to use Bitcoins must keep in mind his website will be available for the whole world. Get a “.com”, “.net” or “.games” domain name for your website, nothing national that would damage your Google ranking. Translate your website into the languages mainly spoken. English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, etc. And of course, get games that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. Understand your audience and don’t stop at Poker or Baccarat. Consider Sic Bo, HoloCrab and Belangkai as well. In iGaming, there is something for everyone but not everyone can find what they want. Find the niches and fill the gaps!

Expand to other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins are the big thing, but there are dozens of crypto currencies waiting to be considered, liked and used. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, DogeCoin… Some cryptocurrencies can be favored by countries, and targeting them might open the barrier to a previously ignored market. Speculators are everywhere and all of them are looking for a good time with their hard earned coins.

That should do it. Stay tuned for our 3rd article of our Bitcoin series, on the advantages of starting an Online Bitcoin Casino. We covered many of them already but you would be surprised how incredible Bitcoins can still be for Gaming.

For more information on how to start your Bitcoins Online Casino, please contact Asia Live Tech, your partner in iGaming services and solutions, at We will answer to you shortly.

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