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iGaming Operators must know about Call Center Support Services

All iGaming operations need a call center for customer support. No matter how well-oiled a website is, a player is bound to misunderstand something or face a problem he cannot resolve by himself. A call center helps them to feel relaxed for their entertainment as they know that no matter what happens, people are at their service to keep their happiness and satisfaction high. But building one is easier said than done.

3 Points All iGaming Operators Looking to Provide Call Center Support Services Must Know

Building a Call center from Scratch is a Hard Task

To ensure that every request coming from paying players goes smoothly, operators must invest in large facilities, equipment, and numerous employees. But even if they have the resources and knowledge to do that, there comes the final problem that stops them most of the time to provide the call center customer service that their clients deserve: a License.

Operators Need 2 Licenses to Run an iGaming Call Center

Indeed, call centers must be licensed, and in more ways than one. First, you must get the authorization for the call center itself. It is a normal thing, as nobody wants the support service to be misleading or unprofessional. Employees must follow excellent standards and be well-trained, which is troublesome as such training is rare, precise and costly. The second license is about iGaming operations. Basically, a call center cannot provide support despite its license if it’s for helping gambling activities. You need an Online Gaming License for that. And those can take years to get, when it’s even possible, as many countries don’t provide them, stopping the websites from taking off.

It’s Possible to Hire an existing iGaming Call Center

The good thing about online gaming licenses is that they can be extended to customers wishing to use their services as an intermediary for their own business. Alas, many casinos with such licenses don’t give access to them, but it’s not always the case. Dedicated iGaming providers offer the service, most often for moderate costs as it comes on top of the support of their own websites unless the operations they cover as so tremendously successful, thousands of daily customers are connecting every day. But at this point, money is not a problem anymore.

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