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iGaming Evolution : Then, Now & Forever

iGaming is one of the fastest growing digital industry in the world. It involves wagering of money or other value on the result of a game or event through the internet. Activities involved in this context include online casinos, poker, sports betting among others.


How the industry has evolved and become more diversified?

iGaming started to gain popularity in the early 90’s. Back then, most people didn’t have trust in the industry and was perceived as a fraudulent scheme. Blackjack, roulette, craps, and video poker were the main games. In 1998 and 1999, online poker rooms and multiplayer were introduced respectively. The industry has since evolved and expanded in many ways including the introduction of live streaming, mobile gaming, and gamification.

Regulations have also been introduced and iGaming companies have put up measures to ensure privacy and security of customer’s information are guaranteed. This has encouraged many players to join the industry. The biggest challenge companies in this industry face are to give their customers an environment that replicates physical casinos while delivering something special with added value.

What are the existing unique markets in the iGaming Industry?

iGaming hubs are spread around the world with the most popular centered in Malta, Gibraltar, and UK because of low taxes. Asia is rising to be the largest iGaming market in the world. The rapid growth of technology and making up more than 60 per cent of the world’s population are the factors fueling Asia to rise in the iGaming market.

What is the potential growth?

The iGaming industry is continuously being changed by new regulations, jurisdictions, and technology. All these factors are shaking up how users gamble online, but their main motive is to take the sector into higher and regulated heights. With the advent of technology and internet accessibility, many people around the world have an easy way to access iGaming. There are also enhanced features in gaming offerings like live games which have attracted more players.

The industry is expected to continue changing, become a newer and better version than it is today. Mobile gambling will remain to be the most important growth area for iGaming in the years to come. The current generation of gamblers wants a proposition that will allow them to access their favorite casinos wherever they are.

How will this industry grow further?

Technology and innovation are taking businesses into new horizons and iGaming is not an exception. The industry will continue to exploit the ever-evolving technology in a bid to make the gambling experience more attractive to customers around the world.

This industry is on the verge of growing to feats that none have foreseen. From a business perspective, its an important element to get into the action early so that when it matures you would be able to reap the rewards. So that being said, it is most definitely the right time for affiliates, marketers and budding entrepreneurs to get into this evolving industry of iGaming.