iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool

iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool

Asia Live Tech’s (ALT) iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool Program for iGaming Operators

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the modern iGaming industry is Asia Live Tech’s iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool program. The basic premise is that on top of the operators own revenues, they can also bag an additional revenue (a share of almost 30% from Asia Live Tech’s revenue), as part of a revenue pool between all operators using Asia Live Tech’s iGaming software. It sounds interesting, and if you’re an online casino operator, this could definitely be an avenue you may wish to explore, but how does it work?

Not Your Market? Not Your Problem

Under the scheme, up to 93% of all operator’s revenue from your online casino or iGaming website will be yours to keep. However, almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s revenue will be accumulated into the shared pool, and redistributed by Asia Live Tech amongst all the operators using the program, allowing operators to pocket an additional share of the revenues, potentially from markets they aren’t even operating in.

How Does It Work?

The Total Gross Wins for each operator is added together to form an Overall Operators Total Gross Win. A total of up to 2% of this is then accumulated to create a Total ALT Revenue Share Pool (almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s Revenue), which is then redistributed amongst all operators using the Asia Live Tech Online Casino software. For instance, if the Overall Operators Total Gross Win was $39,000,000, the total ALT Revenue Share Pool given by ALT is $780,000.

Reasons To Partake In The Program

There are several reasons why an iGaming website operator would want to take part in this program. First and foremost, it provides an additional monthly revenue on top of your revenue from running your own online casino. Secondly, this is a totally revolutionary system for operators. You can also increase your share of the spoils, even if you don’t cover all markets in the industry. Lastly, the awards are based on your performance, so the more active players you have, the larger your share will be.

How To Get Involved

The first thing that any prospective operator must do is join Asia Live Tech, as an iGaming operator, incorporating their White Label Online Casino software or integrate their games. Once they have grown their business and increase the number of players at their iGaming website, they can get a slice of the revenue from the iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool program on top of their regular revenue from running their website. Asia Live Tech have made this process as simple as possible so that everyone can prosper from it. Get more information from Asia Live Tech, today.

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