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Is iGaming The Solution for a Post-COVID-19 World?

Online casinos and iGaming solutions post the best options as we enter the new norm of a social distancing-appropriate post-COVID-19 world…

Do you believe in life after coronavirus?

Whether you believe in it or not, the brick-and-mortar casino world is opening its doors amidst the global crisis.

And people showed up.

Can’t blame them. They miss Vegas, Macau, and all the life outside. They miss life before COVID-19 has taken the world by storm

igaming post covid19

There are numerous safety precautions in the opened casinos. Only one every other slot machine is open, table games have a maximum of three players per table, there are hourly and nightly cleanings of practically every dice, chip, chair, nook, and cranny, everything gets spaced away, all dealers, staff, and guests are wearing masks. Thermal cameras are installed at each entry point, and everyone has to say goodbye to self-service buffets, and have snacks and beverages served by staff upon request instead.

Even the non-casino life entails us all to practice the same sort of precautions against COVID-19.

There’s hope, or an inevitable possibility, that the world will go back to the way it was before, but we can all be sure that it’s not gonna be anytime soon.

So, as folks with gambling blood boiling within our veins, and at the same time, as people who wanna survive, how do we accommodate both our gambling life and our health at the same time, playing while surviving?

Do we brave the brick-and-mortar casinos every time?


Because we got iGaming.

In this season, since the biggest part of everybody’s lives are still practically homebound, and going out and doing all the additional steps feels like a pain sometimes, we can all skip them if we tweak our roles just a little bit: from gambler to online gambler.

No masks, no ride hassles, no extra steps. If the casino’s located in the other city or province, you have to queue for testing at the checkpoint. Every. Single. Time. And for what, the less-exciting playing experience in your casino where you can’t appreciate a single pretty face because they’re all wearing masks? Where your fellow gamblers can’t even see and cheer for your winning streak? And then you come home, tired, but you cannot plop down on the couch because you have to take a bath right away. If the adjustments above already spoil your usual enjoyable casino experience, what more with additional precautions like these?

Online gambling stays the same whether it’s COVID-19 season or not. None of the mask stuff, the bad view stuff, and the COVID-19 stuff. Plus, you can interact with other players! Depending on which online casino you’re playing.

Play any game at any time. Besides the health and safety precautions, you also have to adjust to the games that are available in your land-based casino. But in online casinos, there are many more games. And you can just jump from one online casino to another if you want to play somewhere else since casino-hopping can hardly be a thing this season.

Hassle-free transactions and instant payouts. Deposits are instant, withdrawals are instant. No more little arguments on the currency or on the changes. Any currency is okay, and if you use Cryptocurrency, you’ll even see how transparent it can be.

Online freebies and bonuses. Just simply signing up grants you to freebies you can readily avail depending on your first deposit. They will reflect instantly on your online account so you can monitor your betting status at any time.

These days, it’s much less exciting to hop in for a ride to the nearest casino and have at most about three people happily witness your most exciting jackpot moment.

But luckily, there’s life after coronavirus.

And it’s just in your nearest devices.

No more anxiety whether you’ll live on to tomorrow just because you went outside.