Open Vacancies

Posted 1 year ago

We are always open to receiving applicants whom believe they possess certain skills or knowledge that will benefit our organization.

All you need to ensure before applying is your willingness to comply and commit to our vision, mission and values should you be successful in joining our ever growing organization as stipulated below:


  • The world is filled with joy & happiness through our efforts.


  • Provide quality service & products that exceed customer expectations
  • Make our good employees create a better life for themselves and their families
  • Make our investors and members more profitable with every single cent that they spend or invest with trust on us.


  • Self-improvement – feed your body with meals & exercise; feed your mind with new knowledge and skills.
  • Mutual Respect – respect yourself; respect others; respect to gain respect or vice versa.
  • Teamwork – support each other, win together.
  • Trustworthy – don’t cheat customers; don’t cheat company & don’t cheat yourself.
  • High Quality & High Efficiency – use the best way to provide quality products and services fast which make our customers happy.
  • Sharing – sharing efforts, sharing ideas, sharing contribution & sharing profit.
  • Responsibility – be responsible to your company; be responsible to yourself; be responsible to your family & be responsible to the community.

Please kindly state the position that you feel you would be most suited in our organization, this does not need to be any of our available vacancies and is dependent on what you feel that you skills would benefit our organization. This must be added with a cover letter in English, resume/cv in English, an ID photo, the reasons why you left each company, the salary from each company and your expected salary.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted by email, phone or Skype for an interview.

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