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What have been the latest trends in the online casino industry?

If you can’t adapt to the latest trends, you’re gonna get left behind.


It’s the year 2020.

It’s been 5 years since giant robots were envisioned to exist.

The Iron Man Suit has yet to be invented in its 100% full-spec crimson glory.

Understandable, since we got a differently-formed villain lately.

While we wait for science and tech to defeat the coronavirus villain and make a comeback to those cool stuff our sci-fi comics prophesized for us, allow us to update you on this year’s latest trends in the online casino industry.

Online Casino Latest Trends


For players

Live in the new reality without having had to take a shower, dress up, and try to beat the traffic. Wear a headset and see yourself transported to the action-filled casino you’ve always enjoyed being in. Bet in your new, fresh reality. It’s vivid and fun.

You can even visit your Online VR Casino whenever you find yourself stuck in traffic at the back of your Uber/Grab/taxi-hailing service, or at the 10-hour night bus ride, wherever and whenever you want.

This is a totally new arena for betting, winning, cashing in, and out.

For operators

There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t be a fan of VR. What holds a lot of folks back for now is the steep price of VR. But VR is a major player in the future, and if you invest in it, you’ll get to take advantage of it more.



For Players

Based on your past visit behaviors on the iGaming website you’ve frequented, they will customize the game arrangement for your next login session so that it’s gonna be more convenient for you to select which game you’ll be playing and which game you’ll be checking out next—and with the help of AI, most of the time, the new game you’re gonna check out will fit right into your taste. Who knows, it could be your next lucky game.

Customer Support will also be more automated and smoother for everyone. You don’t have to wait anymore for a human to see and answer your question if it’s answerable by our pre-set frequently asked questions. It’s a win-win situation.


For Operators

AI will help your online casino protect itself from cheating players by analyzing and detecting their playing and transaction patterns that tell us what they’re doing is cheating and fraudulent.

We’re all about Responsible Gambling. The age-old Problem Gambling also finds its solution in AI. As AI analyzes playing patterns, it can help detect stages of gambling addiction your player could be in. This can help your casino to help the player to make the necessary steps to help them improve their conditions, and further moderate your players’ gambling habits.


For Players

You can bet and have transactions under a system that is basically all parts good—fast, secure, transparent, and convenient. With the Cryptocurrencies Casino, you can be super sure that you’re not getting cheated or have questionable charges/deductions whenever they make transactions. What’s more? You can place smaller bets than fiat money minimum bets.

For Operators

Now, wouldn’t your iGaming website be like an impenetrable fortress if you mix both AI and Cryptocurrency Technology so that your transactions will be safe, transparent, and free of fraudulent and cheating acts?


For Players

You don’t have to hop on to a gazillion chat applications in order to interact and/or chat while playing at your online casino—with or without VR! Isn’t that cool? You guys can also invite and accept challenges within the online casino and compete in a friendly way! Y’all can also play together in order to achieve a bigger reward with Community Slots. Now, playing in online casinos isn’t just about making money—there’s also camaraderie and teamwork.

For Operators

Your players will frequent your online casino more if you give them more reasons to stay. Get them to mingle with each other so they’d enjoy it more.


Here are just some of the trends that the iGaming industry is offering us in this new decade. Some trends, like the VR trend, maybe pricey by now, but if you’re really serious about getting ahead in the iGaming industry since the tech world is going onwards with this direction anyway, why not take advantage of it, right?

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