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Live Fan Tan Game

Fan Tan is an extreme game. Either everyone knows, or nobody does. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular games on the market, but only played to its full potential in several countries. Fan Tan, including Live Fan Tan managed by real croupiers, has, therefore a lot of potentials to expand to new countries.

As the situation currently is, any country for a Chinese community, or China itself, will have people having played Fan Tan at one point or another. This simple game is easy to grasp for complete beginners, meaning it is one of the best options if you want to increase your customer base. It gives thrills to the customers, playing on their impatience to win to increase the tension, as the croupier manoeuvers.

Live Fan Tan Game - Asia Live Tech

How does it work? Here are the rules:

First: The croupier put 200 beads on the table, then remove a random portion of them. At this point, nobody can know how many are there.

Second: The players must bet on a number going from 1 to 4 or a combination of them, such as 1 and 3, or 2, 3 and 4. Then, they set their stakes.

Third: With the help of a small baton, the croupier removes beads, 4 by 4, until a small number remains, between 1 and 4.

Fourth: The player who betted on the right number ears the jackpot!

As everything is happening in front of the players, this is one of the fairest games in the iGaming industry. It is impossible for the croupier to know how many beads will remain at the end. The chances to win are also high. Even the players who like to take risks the most have a 25% chance to win. Nobody can be a loser with Fan Tan!

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