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The Highpoint of Live Games: Live Dealer Casino

Nothing is out of place in online casinos. Slots Games define them, giving thrills to all; the Sportsbook allows for easy sports betting to all sports fans, and there are hundreds of millions of them! But there is something that is even more appreciated by players around the world: Live Games because they transport them inside a real casino while still enjoying the comfort of their own room. The atmosphere is there, along with the gorgeous dealers, the dazzling lights and the tables, ready to decide on their success.

As it is, Asia Live Tech have several Live Dealer casino games that we will present today:

Live Games Baccarat & Sicbo - Asia Live Tech

Baccarat Live Games

Baccarat is eternal, to say the least. It is simple for beginners without being devoid of strategy. You must study the cards, know when to fold and when to push. It is fast, giving thrills every minute. And it is fair, as chances are maximized for players, while cheating is virtually impossible. This is why Asia Live Tech could not let this great game be unnoticed or undervalued, giving it three variations for its Live Games solutions:

Punto Banco Baccarat

This is the one you probably saw in James Bond movies. The dealers give cards to themselves and players, defined as Players or Bankers, and they must reach a total of 9. It is superior to 9, it’s a bust. If it’s under 9, chances to win against the dealer are reduced.

Baccarat Squeeze Card

like regular (Punto Banco) Baccarat, but with a small twist. Players squeeze their cards before revealing them, channeling their luck to get what they need. Thrills are increased and the winning anticipation is multiplied.

Baccarat Insurance

players can buy insurance to protect themselves against a strong hand after 4 cards have been dealt. Baccarat takes a new aspect with this new rule, providing new odds and strategies.

Sic Bo Live Game

Baccarat is excellent, just like many card games, but variety is needed, as iGaming offers many possibilities. This is where Sic Bo, a Chinese dice game, can shine. Simple to understand, but with many ways to bet and win, there is no player who can get tired of it, especially with bets that can give 150:1 winnings! It is your best choice for Chinese players or people wishing to give a try to something new, exotic and profitable.

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