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Live Games Features

Live Games define the new era of iGaming. Connecting real casinos that everyone knows with online casinos, they allow players to connect with table games such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fan Tan, or the world-famous Roulette. These games are streamed Live from real casinos, dealt by real dealers and in the company of real players. Thanks to its uniqueness, it has many selling points that which we are going to list here.


By getting real people in front of them, players can get a human touch to their entertainment. They see the tables, with the cards or dices ready to be used, the multicolored lights, sometimes flashing, sometimes still but always bright, the pretty dealers whom are all-smiles when they announce the results and so much more.


Live Games are not just some code, where players click for the next round. Live Games are real, increasing the thrills and excitement felt. This excitement is the core of gambling, ensuring that players never end up bored or willing to spend time with another pastime.


With Live Games, you get a multitude of environments from dealers and table games at no cost as the games are operated by iGaming providers for the convenience of everyone. As all tables are unique in their own way (equipment, rules, dresses and etc.), there is always something new to discover or enjoy, pleasing the biggest crowd. If a Live Game is not fit to their desire, they can easily switch to the next.


Live Games feature the most popular games, known and played by most people: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette for the western crowd; and Sic Bo, Xoc Dia, Fan Tan for the Asian crowd. These games are known since decades or even centuries but will NEVER get old.


It’s easy to connect to a Live Game and at the same time control your time on it by simply disconnecting. This ease also translates to operators, who can set them and remove them depending on their results and strategy. No difficult rule to learn beforehand and no risk involved.


Table games are the most popular gambling games. It’s where the high-rollers gather to earn or burn thousands of dollars, euros, or any other currency. They won’t be seen at the slots or other machines as it’s become a rule of the thumb that high rollers will be where the dealers are, ready to bet their next hand at a chance to win big.

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