7 Advantages of Starting a Bitcoin Online Casino

7 Advantages of Starting a Bitcoin Online Casino

7 Advantages of Starting a Bitcoin Online Casino In our previous articles, we mentioned how beneficial Bitcoin Software Solutions could be for your iGaming business, especially online casinos. Then, we explained how to start your own Bitcoin Online Casino, for entrepreneurs eager to get started in the industry. Today, we dig into the advantages of… Read more

What Should Be the Features of Your Bitcoin iGaming Software?

Bitcoin iGaming Software Features? Welcome back, crypto enthusiasts. This article, the 4th of our Bitcoin series, will conclude it on one important final aspect for everyone wishing to start an Online Bitcoin Casino: what must the features of the Online Bitcoin Software be? It’s actually quite simple and short to resume. 1st Feature for  Bitcoin… Read more

How to Start your Bitcoin Online Casino?

How to Start your Bitcoin Online Casino? In our previous article, we explained why Bitcoins were the best thing to happen to iGaming since streaming became possible. Expanding tenfold the freedom of gambling players and operators, Bitcoins opened iGaming to the world. No matter where you or your favorite online casino are, you can connect,… Read more

Bitcoin Software Solutions for iGaming

Bitcoin Software Solutions for iGaming Do you know Bitcoin? They are all the rage. This cryptocurrency reached its peak several weeks ago, almost valuated at $3000 for 1BTC. You can definitely count on it for the future, as it has the monopoly on many uses. Among them, iGaming stands strong. How does it work? The… Read more

What is White Label Solution in the iGaming Industry?

White Label Solution is something that not everyone understands. It is to be expected, as this is a product quite specific to the iGaming industry. Allowing entrepreneurs, business leaders and affiliates wishing to go forward to get the iGaming website of their dreams, it is a full package of services where the customers barely have… Read more

Easy Guide To iGaming Software

All the iGaming Aspects in One iGaming Software iGaming software, most companies mean a management software for all aspects of online gaming. Be it games, customers, wins, losses, promotions and other stuff related to the field, the iGaming software track down everything you need to know to ensure your online casino is properly running. In… Read more

Should An Entrepreneur Invest In Online Gaming Business?

In a world full of opportunities, it is unfortunately obvious that any entrepreneur will meet many competitors as well. And those competitors are not joking around, they may have a bigger budget, or a bigger team, therefore reducing the chances of successes for the new guy, despite his knowledge and talent. This is why you,… Read more

G2E Asia 2017

G2E Asia 2017 (also known as Global Gaming Expo) is now over. It’s been 3 hectic days. As an iGaming developer and solutions provider, we displayed at Booth no. 2251 our numerous products and games, including our Sportsbook, our Live Dealer Casino, our exotic games such as Fan-Tan and Belangkai, and of course our White… Read more

How To Start Online Casino Business

Start Online Casino Business Start online casino business is the best way to earn money for gambling fans. After all, the House always wins. But the entrance fee can be quite steep to start an online casino business. You need to hire developers to create your structure, people to maintain it, games of course to bring… Read more

Asia Live Tech Joins ICE 2017 Taking Its First Global Step

Asia Live Tech is an iGaming Solutions provider and product developer. As its name indicates, they are located in Asia. Since 2011 in fact. And as 2017 is just starting, they are doing their first steps on the global market, with a focus on Europe. A confidant move, but based on facts and 5 years… Read more