Embedded Technologies

On top of the back-office system, we combine advanced technological infrastructure, full IT protection, fast setup and integration, and a 24/7 support service. Your full operation can efficiently be managed through Asia Live Tech.

Infrastructure: we can organize a dedicated, centrally hosted, multi-layered infrastructure at the most appropriate location of your choice. The system can be scaled easily to adapt continuously to your business growth. To achieve the scalability, we implement modern architecture and technology, including:

  • High availability clusters;
  • Load balancing on web and media servers;
  • Database replication and cloud computing. We constantly concentrate on industry standards to provide the safest and most secure solutions to our customers.

IT Protection: no safe iGaming without protection. Our system is sealed with multiple security layers and mechanisms, including SSL, DDOS protection service, data encryption and hardware firewall;

Setup and Integration Process: with a highly customizable product, we can ensure a simple and rapid integration process in order to keep up with your business plan. It will take only a few weeks to do the technical integration; set up the system configuration and infrastructure; customize the solution under your own name and logo. If you choose Asia Live Tech to configure your website, we will follow your vision to provide a unique look and feeling to the interface;

Maintenance and Support: successful partnerships depend not only on deployment & integration services but also ongoing maintenance and support services. This approach ensures stable operation and achievement of long-term goals. Examples of our maintenance and support services include:

  • Pre-launch systems and operations training OR knowledge transfer, depending on your request;
  • Proactive and reactive service level agreements;
  • Infrastructure monitoring and performance management;
  • Reporting system.

Accessibility from everywhere: our software can be reached and used from your computer, your tablet or even your smartphone. Neither travels nor technical difficulties will stop you to look after your business.

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