iGaming Website Set Up for Land-Based Casinos

iGaming Website: Set Ups for Land Casinos | Expand your Brand

Operating a casino is very rewarding. After all, the House always wins. However, table games or slots might not be enough to really exploit the full potential of your site. Nowadays, new gambling services and solutions pop out regularly, bringing more possibilities to the players who are tempted to use them, if they do not do so already. Asia Live Tech understood the need for casinos to implement them in order to permit them to go beyond their core activities. After all, Asia Live Tech operates two licensed land casinos in Cambodia and thus, is the best placed to understand how to go up on the gambling scene. And to go up, what is better than set ups?

Online Casino Set Up | A Gambling Website under your own brand

Because operating a land-based casino does not mean the opportunities stop here, if you are looking for new ways to attract new customers and increase your revenue, a website or mobile application can be created for you, respecting your company culture and values.

iGaming Website for Land Casinos on Asia Live Tech

As a land-based casino operator, it is likely you have an extensive player database at your disposal and people who are already familiar with your brand. These assets can be used profitably thanks to our services. With a low setup cost, we guarantee a quick and efficient return on your investment.

Moreover, choosing Asia Live Tech’s set up services ensure to get:

Online Casino Set Up for Land Casinos

Set Up Online Gambling Website on Asial Live Tech

Digital access to millions of customers who can pay from their computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere

Start Online Casino with Asia Live Tech

Brand enhancement. The website can be used as promotional material for your traditional casino.

Live Dealer Casino on Asia Live Tech

Larger entertainment sets, with more games available to play. What you did not have on your site will now be found on your website.


Increased time consumption of your services.

Start Your Online Casino with Asia Live Tech

Increased market penetration. Through blog posts and promotional events, remind them of you at all times.

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