SBC Awards 2020 Shortlists ALT For Best Live Casino Supplier

The SBC Awards are one of the industries most prestigious gaming awards It’s truly been a remarkable year for Asia Live Tech to be shortlisted in 3 different awards from the London Global Gaming Awards, Las Vegas Global Gaming Awards, and the latest honor of being shortlisted in the SBC Awards for the advancement and… Read more

How Do You Increase Your Player Retention?

Player Retention Keeps Your Online Casino Alive & Helps Cultivate More Loyal Players   Have a decent and stable amount of players in your online casino? We’re so proud of you. Want to better secure their loyalty to your online casino—and at the same time, attract even more players? Of course. Keep reading to find… Read more

How do you drive traffic to your online casino?

Traffic Is Very Important To Grow Your Online Casino   Do you already have an iGaming website? Congratulations. Keep reading. Do you want to drive more traffic to your online casino? If yes, you’re in luck. Whether you’re a newbie online casino operator or a veteran operator, driving traffic to your online casino will always… Read more

ALT Lightning Talk with iGaming Business – Part 2

Here we are for the 2nd part of ALT’s exclusive talk with iGaming Business where we explore the way forward and benefits that going online can benefit businesses and economies in a post-covid19 world

How do you transform from an affiliate to an online casino owner?

Affiliates have many unique advantages in the iGaming industry   Do you know those makeup influencers on YouTube? They started out testing makeup from various brands, then reviewing them, commenting on aspects such as the consistency of the foundation, how much concealers can cover acne, the intensity of the color of the lip tint, how… Read more

How do you Protect your Online Casino from Fraud?

Fraud protection is vital for online casino operators as digital is the new norm of the world One day, your online casino may be on the Top Online Casinos list. Before that, you’ll have many satisfied and loyal casino players who feel safest when they’re playing at your online casino. But first, you gotta protect… Read more