G2E Las Vegas Event

It’s official, Asia Live Tech will be exhibiting at G2E Las Vegas, the very home of the Gambling World. The exhibition will be running from the 9th of October till 11th October 2018 situated at the Sand Expo, Las Vegas. This would be an ideal time for you to come on down to G2E and… Read more

How To Obtain A Bitcoin?

We talked at length about the benefits of gambling with Bitcoins. But how can players actually buy Bitcoins? You may find tutorials after a Google search, but they depict several different ways and it doesn’t mean they’re answering to the questions iGaming players are asking themselves. We will explain shortly and clearly the way to… Read more

Online Casino Platforms

What are online casino platforms and how can you benefit from them? To answer the first question, online casino platforms are products provided by an iGaming company in order to all your needs in creating an online casino which covers the website and games. They have technical teams ready for follow-up, hosting, and other technological… Read more

Online Casino Business Plan

It’s easy to get excited when we talk about online casino business plan. You see yourself with a functioning website ready to promote your brand and get the customers in. But this excitement can go against your business. To ensure everything works as per plan, each step needs to be planned accurately. That’s why today we’ve… Read more

Live Games Features

Live Games define the new era of iGaming. Connecting real casinos that everyone knows with online casinos, they allow players to connect with table games such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fan Tan, or the world-famous Roulette. These games are streamed Live from real casinos, dealt by real dealers and in the company of real players…. Read more

Online Casino Software Providers

Online Casino Software Providers are companies that are there to make the life easier of all iGaming operators. They can create an online casino, implement games or if they are an aggregator, they can set up payment methods (including cryptocurrency payments), give access to their license for third parties, provide customer service, and etc. With… Read more

Gambling Software

So, what is gambling software? The short answer is obvious, it’s a software created for managing the gambling platform. It could be a website of course, but an application as well. So why is this so important? That’s the long answer. The truth is, there are 2 parts that any good gambling software must fulfill… Read more

Bitcoin Casino Script

What is a Bitcoin Casino Script? There are many ways to create a Bitcoin Casino, such as our Bitcoin Online Casino Solution, which we discussed in a previous article. Building an online casino under the While Label has many perks: low costs, full control, excellent earnings, easy games implementation, iGaming management software maintained and updated… Read more

Benefits of Playing Online with Bitcoins

What are the Benefits of our newest Bitcoin Online Casino White Label on Asia Live Tech? We got 5 tips in store for old-school players looking to switch from their local currency to Bitcoins (or other accepted cryptocurrencies). It might be a bit intimidating, and yet the advantages are many, if not endless. Without further… Read more