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How does my online casino design affect player trust?

Online Casino Site Designs, Play A Vital Role.


So you like to take the iGaming world by storm.

It’s the perfect time to do so, since everyone’s on the Internet and getting started to get bored and finding ways to cure their boredom.

Casinos, whether online or land-based, all operate on heavy money transactions. Since we’re talking about money—something most people sweat to earn, trust and reliability are some of the most important characteristics that they’d hope to find on your iGaming website before they deposit their money and trust you for handling them.

online casino design

In this article, we’re gonna talk about two things that don’t usually connect at first glance yet vital enough for an iGaming businessperson like you not to overlook: the relationship between Design and Trust.

Design is more than just being pleasant to the eyes, sleek, or good-looking. All good relationships, whether online or offline, people to people, business to business, people to business and vice versa—are founded on trust.

Design and Trust. If they’re people, Design is the life of the party, while Trust is the class secretary, bookish type who won’t take any nonsense. Who would’ve thought they’d look good together? Spoiler alert: there’s actually a thing called Design for Trust. Want more? There are actual design researchers studying patterns in trust.

Design and Trust. They are more connected than they first seem to be.



It should be a design that caters to your players’ user experience. Make sure that your website is treating your players well, like how good hotel staff treat its customers. That means, making things easy instead of hard for them.

Since we’re on the design discussion, your iGaming website should be designed in such a way that it’s easy for your players to find what they’re looking for in the spot where they expect to find it. For example, the support live chat is on the lower right side of the page, the page directory (where you can click stuff like About Us) is on top of the page, etc.

People have hundreds of places they go to online on a daily basis. They go from five different chat apps, ten article pages from ten different websites, and also probably other online casinos besides your online casino. Now, don’t get us wrong and cry over their ‘disloyalty’ to your online casino and keep your eyes peeled to what we’re about to say: They’re looking for familiar experiences in every section on the Internet they go to. Unread messages on chat apps are down below, the latest message previews are on top, and the likes. If you watch your behavior closely, you’ll notice that you also behave the same way.

So give them a smooth experience and don’t go reverse-placing the stuff from their usual direction. They wanna play on your online casino, but not play hide-and-seek on the buttons they need to click before they could bet.


Your players, unless they make a living on online playing and betting, have lives outside their playtime at your online casino. Most of the time. You wouldn’t wanna complicate their already-complicated lives with hard-to-read fonts and an iGaming website that is hard to skim.

What’s more, if your iGaming business is targeting multiple regions that don’t share the same language, then it’ll be more helpful if you use language that will be understood at first glance by everyone from that target region.

Now, iGaming websites are not text-heavy, unless you’re looking at the blog and news page. But the actual pages where your players actually play should only have the details that they’d want to see and details that they’re staring at in order to find out what they should bet for and in what manner. Details that will help and affect their play.


You know the old saying: “When in the land of Design, invest in Trust.” Yeah, maybe we just rephrased the actual old saying a little bit, but it doesn’t make it less true: Trust doesn’t want ever to come last in your priorities. There are consequences if you do. Invest in trust, for the longevity of your iGaming business