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Online Casino Software Providers

Online Casino Software Providers are companies that are there to make the life easier of all iGaming operators. They can create an online casino, implement games or if they are an aggregator, they can set up payment methods (including cryptocurrency payments), give access to their license for third parties, provide customer service, and etc. With this article, we will review the services they can provide and why you should think of contacting one for all your iGaming needs.

Technical Services

As said, they can create websites, maintain them, or even operate them. That is the front-end part of their business.  But it doesn’t stop with website creation or game implementation. There is also hosting, data protection, affiliate software, back-end office software to ensure smooth operation of the site, and many others. As long as it’s related to iGaming, you can bet (no pun intended) that one of them is doing it right now.

Licensing Services

It comes as no surprise that iGaming is a heavily regulated industry, considering the big money involved and how easy it is for operators to lose it all to be honest.  That is why they operate under a license that is constantly checked by their local authorities. Obtaining a license might be difficult for newcomers, which is why some offer a unique licensing service where said newcomers can piggyback on them, working under their license. They will be held responsible for the activities, and must enforce honest best practices to keep them operational. It is a win-win agreement, reducing the risks and increasing the gains.

Customer Services

Big money means big problems when something goes wrong. Customer service in iGaming is therefore vital. If an operator cannot resolve issues as they arise, their reputation will crumble and the website will fizzle out due to the trust factor of the general public. Outsourcing customer services is therefore a possibility. By allowing the iGaming Software Providers to represent you, you save money and ensure a great iGaming experience.

We could go longer with services. As it is, we’re encouraging you to visit their websites and see for yourself how else can Online Casino Software Providers help you, starting with Asia Live Tech at Thanks for reading.