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7 Advantages of Running an Online Casino with an Online Gaming License in Cambodia

One of our iGaming solution for iGaming entrepreneur is to give access to our online gaming license to operate gambling websites targeting Asia and beyond. Now, you might ask yourself why would be a good reason to actually settle in Cambodia. It turns out there are 7 of them.

Online Gaming License in Cambodia

1st Advantage: Rarity
Not many casinos have an online gaming license. And even less actually give access to it. By using our online gaming license, you save yourself time and money you can use to invest in your website and operations.

2nd Advantage: Asia Live Tech
That’s us. Not only we open our grounds to operators, but we happen to be iGaming consultants. Feel free to visit our office for advice on operating an iGaming business, or hire us for creating your website with an online gaming license.

3rd Advantage: No Paperwork
You have no idea how difficult it can be to get an access to gambling authorizations when it’s actually legal depending on your country of origin. While our online gaming license, there is no need to wait for years before you get started if you can.

4th Advantage: Cost-effectiveness
For a fraction of the usual cost, our offices are ready to welcome you. For more cost-effectiveness, you can also outsource your multilingual support and maintenance to us in addition to online gaming license, focusing on your marketing and communication, with no need to pay large teams.

5th Advantage: Entrepreneur-friendly
We have been there before. It’s not easy to start. Bills to pay, experience to get, mistakes to do to get better… We understand that and provide our expertise to help you succeed. And who knows how you can also help us. Partnership and success go both ways.

6th Advantage: Infrastructure
As iGaming is our bread and butter, we already have everything you need to get started. Furniture, computers, and the Internet of course, but also high tech servers, firewalls, DDoS protection and more.

7th Advantage: Cambodia
Cambodia wants you to come. It is the friendliest country in Asia to entrepreneurs and investors. Wages are low, taxes are lower, regulations are few, and possibilities are many. This set of advantages cannot be found in any other Asian country. The cherry on the cake. Cambodia has a long tradition with casinos (of course, online gaming license is available from us), hosting dozens of them Casino in Cambodia. There will be no problem to find experienced workers and managers.

Should this service interests you, we join you to contact us, either by filling the form on our website, or directly by email/live chat. Thank you for reading.

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