Affiliates and Agents System

Players are not the only target market in the online casino industry. Affiliates and Agents Programs as well can be a notable source of income for online gambling websites. Those who look for lucrative careers with little investment to provide are looking for Agents and Affiliates Programs such as ours. Set up yours with Asia Live Tech.

Affiliates and Agents Programs by Asia Live Tech

The distinction between Affiliates and Agents System is simple:

a. Affiliates Management Program: Affiliates promote online Casino Cash websites. Casino Cash Sites are online gambling websites where customers can directly deposit their own money and use the iGaming services. They earn a commission on all bets from players they convinced to register. Managing them requires an iGaming Affiliate Management Program adapted to their characteristics.

b. Agents Management Program: Agents, on the other hand, promote online Agent (Casino Credit) websites. Those are online gambling websites where only them can wager bets, using the money their own customers trust them with to gain commissions plus shares on wins and losses. This is a system that is widely popular in Asia, as a perfect solution for offline businesses such as bet-shops and kiosks. Managing them, as they are more independent and deal with end-users who have no choice but to go through them, require a more engaged solution thanks to the Agents Management Program.

To help the operators who want access to such people, we provide a powerful Management Platform that allows anyone interested to use their network and expand their clients’ audience. This Affiliates & Agents Programs platform greatly helps managers to deal with new and old agents/affiliates and give them assignments while having complete transparency and control over all incoming revenue streams.

On the Agents and Affiliates Programs part, they can be easily created an easily manageable database of their clients, such as new sign-ups and existing customers; look up for other affiliates/agents and contact them for any apt cooperation; reach maximum revenue potential, with ease and flexibility.

It is completely up to you to decide your policies and commissions.

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