Lotteries & Keno


The Asian continent is no exception to the lottery craze. For a meager entrance price, lotteries provide to their players a chance at winning a prize that is far greater. This low barrier at the entrance means the popularity of lotteries stayed intact once they went online. There are lottery games available in almost every country in the world, followed by millions of players every day, the definite proof of their enduring attractiveness.

Sometimes, players just want to try their luck without investing themselves in a table game. Asia Live Tech understood them, bringing its products as explained here.

We provide players with lotteries coming from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, operated by the best licensed companies, ensuring the environment is secure for betting.

Each country has their own betting rules, betting variations and winning odds. Nothing is left out, bringing the most precise details as well, reproducing lotteries as they have been witnessed in real life. We pride ourselves in centralizing and bringing to people all the draws and odds for each particular province in those countries.

We plan to expand in the near future our lotteries services to other countries so feel free to give a call if one of them interests you.


Asia live Tech also offers Keno, a widely popular game in casinos around the globe, online and offline. It is a bingo-like game with simple rules where players must guess which numbers will be drawn. They will then be paid according to how many numbers they guessed correctly.

It is an international product appealing to everyone, especially to beginners and seniors who are looking for a relaxing game. It is impossible to go wrong with Keno.

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