Sports Betting Software of Asia Live Tech offers an innovative experience for its clients incorporated into our well-established, reputable, and foolproof system.

Ensuring that your players will have a secure and safe environment for their online betting with Real-time odds, pre-match betting, betting during live matches and live games, bets on half-time scores, over/under-scores, handicaps, and many more options are available through our user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

The Sports Betting Software Platform of Asia Live Tech presents are football/soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, snooker, and much more, as including new or upcoming sports is fully possible to be included, depending on what you want.

Asia Live Tech Sports Betting Software includes all major leagues, cups,e-games competitions, and other major events that are also handled.

Sports Betting Software

All sports are constantly updated, allowing fast online betting and immediate winning confirmations around the clock. Results are given in real-time, immediately after they are confirmed this ensures the satisfaction of your online players.

Sports Betting Software System by Asia Live Tech

In addition, Asia Live Tech’s Sports Betting Software package is offered with access to different odds, as odds are not unique. Players can choose between Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar odds to ensure the best winnings. No matter where and how they follow the competitions, players can feel they are maximizing their chances.

The Sports Betting Software also is known as Sportsbook is compatible with all browsers, smartphones, and tablets. It allows for multiple currencies as well as Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies and multi-languages, with a complete payment system. Nothing stops your customers from online sports betting. Sports Betting Software is one of the products offered on White Label Online Casino Solution along with other games such as Live Dealer Casino, Slot Games, Lottery & Keno

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