Program for Affiliates

Program for Affiliates

Promote Your Own Brand To Earn Bigger

Online Casino Affiliates has been and still is a profitable career for those loving gambling, slots, lotteries, table games and the dazzling ambiance and thrills only casinos can give. However, despite their love for their trade, they might have to stop much sooner than wanted, as new legislation is going to put an increasing number of barriers for them to keep going. Obviously, this is not a good news.

Affiliates enjoy their career for the freedom it gives them. On Affiliate Marketing they can work from home and enjoy a passive income, only needing several hours of work per week to maintain their network. However, there is a solution for them, enabling them to use their lengthy experience to stay in the industry that they love: To Become A Boss by Investing on White Label Online Casino.

Program For Affiliates


Affiliates have the knowledge, the tools, the tactics and most importantly, the network within it. For affiliates to succeed in this new direction, their best bet is to build upon their assets. And if they ask how to make the jump, we have the answer when it comes to the iGaming industry:

Promote Your Own Brand, Become An iGaming Boss in 4 simple steps


Step 1 –  The Design

Design possibilities are limitless. If it can be thought, it can be done. After years, affiliates know what works, what color schemes and layouts can bring the most out of customers. They simply have to write those wishes, while not forgetting the logo.

Step 2 – The Games

What would be iGaming without games? Pretty much a whole bunch of nothing. This step is the easiest. Affiliates know what works, and brings the best income. Focus on the strengths and popular trends, and success is guaranteed.

Step 3 – The Payment Methods

Credit cards, debits cards, bank transfers, online payment methods such as Paypal, the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. A savvy affiliate turned operator knows what works, and what people wants to enjoy their pastime with ease and at peace and now it’s time to bring it all together!

Step 4 – Ask Asia Live Tech

All those notes we’ve been asking to take? Did you do them? Yes? Well, your work is now done! You only need to send them to Asia Live Tech. We will develop the website of your dreams, taking care of all technical challenges and difficulties, for an unbeatable price when compared to the profits awaiting.

Affiliates Become An iGaming Boss


Should our software interest you, we are welcoming you to fill our form or contact us by email or live chat. We shall answer your questions in the shortest delays.

Note : At Asia Live Tech, we want you to be in control of your destiny. We want you to promote your own brand to earn and not be at the mercy of major brands when they change their policy or shut down like Even should one day ALT not exist, you will still have your brand to continue earning without being in a limbo to find an alternative source of income.

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