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Shortlisted for a 3rd Year In A Row – Best Digital Industry Supplier

It is our pleasure to announce that Asia Live Tech has been shortlisted in the Las Vegas Global Gaming Awards 2020 for the 3rd year in a row for the category of Best Digital Industry Supplier


asia live tech shortlisted in global gaming awards 2020

Being shortlisted is an honor as it’s a recognition of the numerous advancements that we have made within the industry with our products and solutions to create more diversity within the gaming industry itself. That being said, all companies that have been shortlisted are winners in their own ways as each company has contributed to the industry in their own ways either through products, innovation, technology, or ideas. There will only be 1 winner chosen per category and no matter who wins, everyone is still a winner as diversity and innovation are what keeps the gaming industry moving forward to new heights.


Despite the news that the awards which will now be held virtually in light of the pandemic plaguing the world of Covid-19, we regard this shortlisting of the highest honor from a very prestigious awards body. This is in view that time and time again they have proven their utmost transparency and integrity adjudicating the whole process from the judging panel all the way to the winner selection.


Taking Covid-19 into account, this is indeed the time for traditional gaming businesses to start planning for an alternative approach in their business model. It would be pivotal to start harnessing the power of technology in bringing more diversity to the businesses in order to boost sustainability. In the context of a sailor, we are currently in the middle of uncharted waters during a heavy storm, not as an individual but as a gaming community as a whole. It’s going to come down to which steps are taken in order to steer through the water and survive this pandemic.


If you are from the gaming industry and would like to explore on how harnessing iGaming would help improve your business and open new verticals in line with creating a sustainable business model that would help mitigate the impact from this pandemic, please do feel free to get in touch with us at Asia live Tech and our friendly team will be glad to assist you to explore possible ideas with our solutions.


That being said, we at Asia Live Tech would like to thank the Global Gaming Awards for this shortlisting and recognition of our works. Rest assured, the team at Asia Live Tech will continuously keep pushing the limits in creating new products and solutions that will harness the advancements of technology


We hope that somewhere down the road in the future, we will be able to catch up for a coffee with all of you but until then. We wish everyone across the whole world to stay safe, try to adopt the usage of face-masks, and practice social distancing in view of this critical period around the world. Let us stand together as one people and overcome Covid-19.

See you online during the Virtual Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas 2020