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Understanding the different technologies behind slots and its effect on your bandwidth

From the three-reeled slots during the early 20th century to 2020s AR/VR high-tech slots…


Technological innovations in the iGaming industry have nowhere to go but to accelerate, given its rapid development from the early 20th century when land-based casino slot games were first introduced, from the first adaptation of slot games to the digital world back in the 90s, to how it has evolved today in the 2020s.

Slot games are one of the online casino games that drive the most revenue, after all. It’s important to have these games at the top of your mind whenever you want to do your online casino upgrades.

Let’s take a look at the Slot Game technologies and their effect on your devices’ bandwidth.

slots and bandwidth


In this age where everyone practically owns a smartphone and connects to the Internet through it, it has become imperative for any iGaming website to make their games available to everyone’s phones. This way, your closest slot game is where your smartphone is.

iGaming websites have developed mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized slot websites so that players can enjoy their favorite games whenever and wherever they want, as long as there’s Internet connection wherever they are.

It has become a convenience, too, for game developers to take the mobile-first approach to develop their slot games so that there’s no question that it will work smoothly on any smartphone.


Acknowledging that features of social gaming are what slot games lacked, such as achievements, level advancements, power-ups, and other slot game-unique currencies, slot game developers have created slot games that feature social gaming. This taps to the competitiveness of the player in the game.

iGaming websites also introduced leaderboards and tournaments on their slot games, as well as ways to earn rewards and keep their high skill levels. Developing slot games this way helps the players feel that sense of achievement when their wins and skill levels are recorded right in front of them.

Like in every aspect of our lives, we want to beat our personal best or the achievements of our past selves. Ways to measure our skills and beat our personal bests or making it to the top of the leaderboard are also available in slot games today.

There’s also the development of increasing the number of reels from the classic 3 when slots were first invented to 5 or more. Thanks to this, playing slots has never been this exciting and there are hundreds or even thousands of combinations that can be formed in order to win. There are more ways to win, making better winning chances and there’s an even bigger reason to stay.


The casino industry constantly looks for ways to keep their players entertained and wow-ed in order not to lessen the excitement and keep the playing experience thrilling.

Augmented Reality will keep some of the elements of real-life and add in or enhance some features in real life in order to make the screen look more attractive, while Virtual Reality will introduce you to a 360-look of the entirely new dimension with what feels like an entirely new body and entirely new equipment and experience once you’ve worn the VR headset.


In video slots, graphical reels are used on computerized display rather than mechanical reels. This way, there are no mechanical constraints on the design of video slots, and they could use non-standard layouts and designs, greatly expanding the design and gamification possibilities starting from the noticeable improvement in the quality of graphics and sound not by just being more user-friendly, but also being more integrated to the game being played.

Bonusing technologies also enhance the player experience in such a way that if the player keeps playing and the bonus is reached, their bet can be returned, multiplied. If the player loses, the bonus game can also allow them to win back their losses.


Slot Games nowadays usually work by constantly generating a sequence of random numbers—hundreds or thousands of them per second. The computer has no memory to store these numbers, so players can be assured that all sequences are definitely random, and was never prepared beforehand or deliberately, so there’s no room for cheating and manipulation.


With cryptocurrencies online casino slots, there’s Blockchain Technology that works on a decentralized system where everyone stays anonymous, yet transparent and real-time. Players can deposit funds to their accounts and withdraw their winnings instantly.

The transparency and real-time transactions that happen in online casino slots that run with Blockchain Technology, players can keep betting to their heart’s content without worrying about the safety and security of their accounts.


Usually, as long as your Internet Service Provider doesn’t enforce a cap on your internet, playing online slots in your device while being connected to WiFi will not incur additional charges.

But, like in any other content that deals with graphics, the higher the quality of the game you’re playing, the more data will be used to accommodate them. You will notice this especially when you’re using mobile data to bet on your online slots.

On average, around 1KB of data is used playing one spin on a low-graphic mobile casino slot game. You may use this information for reference as well as check your broadband and mobile plans.

The future is digital and it’s enhancing our realities. In no time, what we think is cool and innovative now will be the old-school of the future.

So lets all gear up and ride the waves so that we won’t be left behind.