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Sportsbook on Asia Live Tech
Sports Betting has rapidly grown over the years to be one of the most profitable businesses in the iGaming industry. As sports are more and more followed by an ever-increasing amount of people all around the world, so are players. No matter where they live, there will always be a competition to follow, a cup to expect or a victory to cheer for. Sports Betting’s growth potential is therefore technically limitless.

In addition to this, Asian Lotteries are another aspect that is popular in the Asian hemisphere of iGaming. Asia Live Tech has integrated this element to the center setup so that you can reap the potential revenue from both sports as well as lottery betting.

To tap into that potential, Asia Live Tech is providing its own solution: a Sports & Lottery Betting Center recommended for new entrepreneurs, cybercafes, betting kiosks or land-based casinos wishing to expand to gain more revenue on their business.

Sports Betting Center

Asia Live Tech Sports & Lottery betting center setup distinguishes itself from other products thanks to its accessibility. There is no rule to learn nor any expensive equipment to order. It can be done simply thanks to your computer, a desk and our software.

Our software offers to the players a secure and safe environment for their betting. Real time odds, betting during matches and games, bets on half-time scores, over/under scores, handicaps and many more options are available through our user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. The Sports Betting Center of Asia Live Tech presents football/soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, and snooker. All of them are constantly updated, allowing fast online betting and immediate winnings confirmation around the clock.

For independent entrepreneurs wishing to start their gambling business without resorting to a website, or existing casinos that want to enhance further their entertainment using their customer pool, Asia Live Tech can set up the counter you wish.

Should our service interest you, we are welcoming you to fill our form. We shall answer your questions in the shortest delays.

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