Live Fan Tan Game

Fan Tan is an extreme game. Either everyone knows, or nobody does. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular games on the market, but only played to its full potential in several countries. Fan Tan, including Live Fan Tan managed by real croupiers, has, therefore a lot of potentials to expand to new countries…. Read more

Live Games

The world of iGaming is massive, and it’s easy to get lost in the many games it has to offer. This is why today we are going to focus on a specific breed of games: Live Games. It is not to be confused with online games. Obviously, all games played on websites are online. But… Read more

7 Advantages of Starting a Bitcoin Online Casino

7 Advantages of Starting a Bitcoin Online Casino In our previous articles, we mentioned how beneficial Bitcoin Software Solutions could be for your iGaming business, especially online casinos. Then, we explained how to start your own Bitcoin Online Casino, for entrepreneurs eager to get started in the industry. Today, we dig into the advantages of… Read more

What Should Be the Features of Your Bitcoin iGaming Software?

Bitcoin iGaming Software Features? Welcome back, crypto enthusiasts. This article, the 4th of our Bitcoin series, will conclude it on one important final aspect for everyone wishing to start an Online Bitcoin Casino: what must the features of the Online Bitcoin Software be? It’s actually quite simple and short to resume. 1st Feature for  Bitcoin… Read more