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Top Played Online Casino Games of 2020

Which are the top online casino games that are played in the year 2020 so far?

Living in 21st century is an entirely different, modern, advanced, and technological experience. Today, everything has become portable. With the technological advancement, we can access anything at any time. We can study online, we can do business online, and we can even play online. Everything is shifting to internet, and people are doing home based jobs, home based shopping, etc. In these advanced experience, iGaming has a huge market. There are online casinos, and people play casino games online now days. They do not go to casinos physically, but play casino games through their virtual presence. Many online games are played in these online casinos.  The 7 most played online casino games are discussed below in the article.

  1. Online Slots

Most online casino games are the advanced version of the games which are already played at casinos. Thus the idea is not entirely new in most of the cases, just there are some advanced features. So, slots is also the advanced and computerized version of fruit machines which are always there at good casinos. Though, in online version of slots, there are additional features to attract audience. There are some additional symbols in online gaming, like wild symbol, and scatter symbol. Other than this, there are some bonus rounds as well, which attracts a large number of audience due to their interactive and attractive nature.

These online slots, allow people to earn money without investing their own cash. This makes it more appealing for the audience. The player needs to have play lines, and the money is earned on this basis. The description about play line is given before every slot game. The most paying online casino games in slots are “Jokerizer”, “Blood Suckers”, and also “Joker Strike”. Online slots are becoming more and more famous over the period of time.

  1. Online Blackjack

It is another most famous game played in online casinos. It is the most famous casino game all across the world. Now, online casino games have progressed so much that people can play it for real money, and that too online. This feature of Blackjack is bringing it so much popularity as well as the audience. Mostly, online blackjack game is similar to the real one. But in this game each card has a point value. The game is easy to play, and rules too are easy to follow. In all online blackjack games, rules remain the same.

People are making a lot of money with online Blackjack game. They are making so much profit. People are making money out of it, as well as they are winning the money. People are making money by producing such a wonderful online experience. So, they are making money for the creation and innovation. On the other hand, people are winning money and they are the one who are playing the game and investing themselves in it. Blackjack is a bit complicated game, but once it is understood then nothing is difficult. The popular sites for online Blackjack casino game are, “”, and “Jackpot City”.

  1. Online Roulette

It is one of the most famous casino games. It is equally famous on land based casinos as well as online casinos. The popularity for this game has always grown, and this game has never witnessed downfall. This is a thrilling game which has captivated the attention of the people worldwide. It is a very interesting game and its rules are also very simple. Thus, the simplicity of the game makes it more interesting and attractive for the people. The rules for online casinos as well as land casinos are same. In online casinos, just like in land casinos, a bet is placed, then wheel spins, the ball lands, and the person either wins or lose.

This game too has wide audience all across the world, and plenty of money can be made in this game through right bets. It is usually considered as quite an unfair game, due to the complete dependence on luck. American Roulette, European Roulette Pro, and European Roulette High Limit are one of the few most famous online roulette games. These are played internationally. Roulette is easy, unfair, and completely a luck based game, but still due to the excitement it carries there are number of people who play it.

  1. Online Video Poker

It is a computerized game. It is an advanced game which is played online. It is based on five-card draw poker. This game is also played on computerized console which resembles a slot machine. This is an interesting game, from where enough money can be made. In this game player pushes the “Bet One Credit” or “Bet Max Buttons”. Then the machine selects or collects five numbers which are usually random, and then these numbers are translated into the cards. Then player receives a hand, and the proper game begins.

The difference in online poker and real life poker is not very much. More or less these are same and rules also resemble each other. There is only one difference in video poker and draw poker, and that is the fact that there is no opposition, or opposite player. Thus, the player in this online poker wants to receive the highest ranked five-card poker. There are many famous online video poker games. Among these popular games, BetOnline ranks first. Other popular games are Café Casino, Bovada, Slots LV, and there are many other as well.

  1. Online Poker

Online poker is a very popular game. It is played by a huge number of players on internet. Interestingly, there is nothing much different between the traditional poker and online poker. With the same rules, online poker is played on the internet. There are paid poker games, as well as online free poker games. All these poker games have equal popularity among the masses. Poker is played by playing low stakes poker. It is a very popular game. In fact, in online game becoming familiar with the new aspects of the online poker is very important, and highly recommended.

Online poker game is played by a single table. There is a need of distraction free zone for playing poker. Making hardware updates is also recommended. There are many famous poker games. Replay Poker is the most famous online game of poker, it is also free. So, major reason of popularity is its advanced features, as well as its free nature. Online pokers facilitate both the players, new and the pro ones. Thus, online poker has great number of audience, and there is diversity in the audience as well. Poker is played at land casinos as well as online, and it is equally famous at both the platforms.

  1. Online Craps

Craps is an interesting online game. It is a very interesting game. Its classic in nature. It is one of the most classic online casino games. In this game, bets are made on the outcome of roll. Other than this, bets are also made on multiple rolls, and bets are also made on the pair of dice. In terms of the variety of bets available, it is considered as one of the most famous games. It is popular due to the small house edge, which is provided.

Now a days, mobile as well as casino games are offering live craps. This offer provides player an opportunity to earn plenty of money. As they are making money out of it, the game is becoming more and more popular over all these years of evolution of casinos. Their real results are seen through live streaming. Interestingly RNG is also not used in this game, instead real dice are rolled. This game provides a real life experience to the player, that’s why this game is played very much. Each casino game is played online due to its some specialty, and more real kind of experience is the reason behind the popularity of this game.

  1. Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat is an online casino game. This game is a bit different than other online games. The major difference is because of the presence of the two players. One person is the player and other one is the banker. Bet is made that which hand will be closer to the 9, either it will be the hand of the player or the banker. Wagers can also be placed on the side bets, and it can be like the Perfect Pair. There are three bets in the Baccarat, one bet is the banker’s bet, one is the player’s bet, and last one is the tie bet.

In this game, bets should be made very smartly. One should know that how the cards are dealt, and what is the game actually about. It is also very important to know that this game completely depends on the “natural’ win. Thus, this game should be played with consciousness as well as the will to accept the outcomes. Be it online casino or real casinos, games are very risk, and this is what inline Baccarat also tells us.

Now that sums up the top played online casino games of 2020. However there is indeed so many different variants of online casino games that are available in the market these day to choose thus it doesnt matter which is most played but its what a player wants in a game.

Hope you had fun reading folks!