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How Do I Find Players for My Online Casino

So The Big Question HERE IS? How Do I Find Players for My Online Casino?


So you finally have your online casino plan in the works.

You finally chose and talked to your iGaming Software Provider/s, you’re processing your license, you’ve gotten clear with your lawyers on how to go about this legally, you’ve got a plan on your support team and where to source them, and you’re ready to deal with your chosen payment gateways.

Which are great because you’re sure to be stepping forward.

But the actual driver to the longevity of your soon-to-open online casino, the players, where do you find them, how will you find them, and after that,

How will you get them to play in your online casino?

Maybe you’ve been getting stressed about this.

Maybe you have no clue.

Maybe this makes you feel uneasy, maybe even fearful about how to go about this, especially with the fact that there are giants out there that clearly have the best products.

Is that’s what you’re thinking, then let me ask you:

If they got the best games, then why is it that they don’t have all the players?

Well, the thing is that there’s so so so many factors and reasons why they cannot get every fricking one of the players.

But, we’re not gonna talk about them now, because this blog is about you.

So, how do you find players for your online casino?

finding players for my online casino


As much as you want to keep the operations and transactions as smooth as possible, not everyone’s gonna magically discover how efficient and sexy your online casino is unless you got playersyou’re your online casino’s getting talked about.

Traditional marketing’s got it hard back in the day. They gotta print and go around the area like crazy.

Good thing we got the Internet now.

But the Internet’s getting noisy.

But you gotta build your online presence anyway.

And you gotta do it wisely.

Building an Online Presence

Look into your target market and see which Internet platforms and which part of those platforms do online casino enthusiasts hang out. Use those places as your battlefield, and take different approaches to drive players to your online casino.

Approaches range from renting spaces at the ad side banners, taking part in discussions and letting them see and acknowledge your credibility, to pitching straight on (but make sure you do this appropriately—you wouldn’t want to have your account blocked by the admin because your posts are getting spammy!)

So now you’ve taken note of where your prospective players hang out. The next thing you should do is make accounts for your brand at the biggest social media channels so that your online presence can heighten even more online.

WARNING: When it comes to Marketing, be transparent. Don’t glamorize your online casino with flowery words that make your prospective players get the wrong idea. When they come to your online casino while having the wrong idea and end up getting disappointed, they will talk and it’s gonna be bad to get around with the damage especially when you’re a newbie online casino operator.

Make Content

Make posts, write blogs, notify everyone when there’s something new in your online casino. Show them your online casino is online, active, and approachable. It builds better trust, and it goes in line with building your credibility online. People are gonna check you out, and you better make your online casino online profiles look their best.



Offering Attractive Promos

Free food, drinks, accommodation—sounds sweet?

That’s what traditional brick and mortar casinos offer players who bet big.

As an online casino, attractive offers must also sound this sweet.

You may offer free promos such as free game plays, free casino credits or online money, multiplying their deposits, etc.

Feature your biggest jackpot wins

Attractive promos are sweet the way they are.

But the ultimate reason why people keep on gambling is because of that one big chance of walking away with the ultimate jackpot.

Let them know the value of that ultimate jackpot so your players know what prize to aim for.

Be very particular with the user experience

Put yourself in the shoes of your players, and check out your online casino as a player every now and then.

Check if the games are working smoothly as they should be, if your biggest jackpot wins are displayed prominently, if your website designs are in all in the right place, etc.

Use SEO Keywords

This is one technique you can do even when your website is not a giant.

Find out the keywords that prospective players and players use in the Internet in order to find where to play and bet on, and bid on those keywords strategically. This will help them find your online casino and if your brand and your content are attractive enough, they will click and ultimately check out your online casino.

Remember that success doesn’t come overnight. So many people have fallen to the trap of expecting people to magically come to them after they’ve displayed a piece of content to the world. It doesn’t happen like that. You gotta make effort, and those who don’t give up on making efforts are the ones who will succeed.

Good luck!