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White Label Bitcoin Online Casino

The White Label Bitcoin Online Casino is the latest service we launched, and we are definitely proud of that one. Merging what we do best with the greatest opportunity iGaming ever had, it is the definite iGaming solution all iGaming entrepreneurs need to be successful. The concept? Providing Bitcoin Online Casinos to iGaming entrepreneurs looking to operate their own gambling website. Now, what does White Label Bitcoin Online Casino means? As it is a mix of two of our services, we can divide the explanation into two categories:

White Label Bitcoin Online Casino
White Label Bitcoin Online Casino

White Label Online Casino Solution

That part is giving the “White” in the title. The White Label Online Casino (which is the platform to create White Label Bitcoin Online Casino) is a turnkey solution Asia Live Tech provides to create online casinos at low costs. We provide the design, we implement the games, we integrate the payment methods (Bitcoins obviously, but it’s not limited to them), we host on our servers, we protect against hacking and finally, we deliver the login and password to the customer. All operators need is a solid marketing strategy to succeed. All the rest is up to us.

Bitcoin Online Casino

Bitcoins are the currency every online casino need. It is convenient, anonymous, doesn’t require any third party between the players and the games and can be used by anyone in the world. Furthermore, it didn’t escape us that Bitcoins’ value is skyrocketing. Now worth more than $6,000 when it was barely 10% of that at the beginning of 2017, everyone wants a share of them. But the White Label Bitcoin Online Casino is the only iGaming solution allowing entrepreneurs to get them. As mentioned, we provide the payment method. Players only need to transfer their Bitcoins from their Bitcoin address to their Bitcoin casino account.
The White Label Bitcoin Online Casino is a rare opportunity. Providing a cost-effective service and solution for a market eager for new, modern operators who understand it, it is also using a technology that will burst over time. And despite the name, this solution is not limiting itself to Bitcoins. Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero… All of them are accepted!

Should this service interests you, we join you to contact us, either by filling the form on our website, or directly by email/live chat. Thank you for reading.

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