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Why Asian Table Games are unique for the global player market?

Will Asian table games be able to have its own share of the global iGaming scene?

Online casinos are cool, especially here when everyone’s at home.

Not many places in the world can be experienced in our homes the way online casinos are experienced.

Now, we’ve been telling you guys to integrate games strategically—in the way that more players will come to enter your online casino. Casinos all over the world are closing, closing, and closing and more and more players are switching to online gambling.

If you got your own online casino and you’re running and marketing it right, then chances are, you’ve seen that your players are increasing. As time goes by, they’re gonna want more than you’re currently offering.

But should you wait until ‘time goes by’?

Why don’t you take advantage of these times when everyone’s on their screens and give them what they want before they even knew that they want it?

Integrating Asian Table Games will help you have an even more diverse player base.

Asian Table Games give a twist to those classic table games you’ve always loved. They remain familiar with the way they’ve played, yet still new to your players with their different elements. Sometimes, though, they’re entirely new. They are played via beads instead of cards, being shaken or randomly divided instead of shuffled. Whatever terms they are played, they surely bring some new elements to your players’ experiences. They will surely appreciate it.

Asian Table Games, for the most part, are also dealt with by gorgeous Asian dealers. When you’re playing a certain table game, sometimes you would want it to be dealt with by somebody who came from the same country where the game originated, or from the same region. This element contributes to the different playing experience as well.

Let’s explore some notable Asian Table Games:


Known as the two-card version of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger is an exciting fight between two ferocious creatures. Your players have to choose one side to bet on and trust their luck with. In every round, one will prevail and one will perish. Sometimes, it’s the same creature, sometimes it’s not.


There are 7 days in a week. If your players play 6 days a week, chances are, they have a No Card Game Week. If they don’t, they might start to have one once you integrate Fan Tan. In this game, a cup full of beads is segregated and divided into sets of 4 beads. Your players must bet on how many beads there will be on the last set.


This one’s played with dice, but not in the way you and your players are used to knowing. Bridging the familiar casino tool called dice with the new element of three dice where the outcome you can bet on can be more than 50, SicBo lives by its name of literally meaning “precious dice”.


So we heard of beads and shaking. How about plates being used in the casino? We may be in the talk of table games, but the thing is that it still takes place on the table, so table games that make use of plates shouldn’t be that weird. Xoc Dia is exactly that game. Chips are placed on the plate and covered with a bowl. Our gorgeous Asian Table Game dealer will shake it for your players and they would have to bet on how many whites and reds there are, odd or even.


All of these four gorgeous games are in store with Asia Live Tech. Of course, it goes without saying that we got the classic table games, too.

While literally everyone in the world is on their screens, we invite you to take this opportunity in your business and integrate Asian Table Games.